Tips to transition into a General Practice Nursing Post

General Practice is a varied, rewarding and challenging role that will develop your nursing skills often in new areas, caring for people across their lifespan

For nurses who have worked in other areas or who are newly qualified we recommend the following to increase your chances of obtaining a substantive post within General Practice.

  1. Create a CV that highlights the skills you can bring to the role of the GPN
  2. Research the role of a GPN
  3. Find out about the areas you wish to work including information on the population demographics, health needs, health inequalities
  4. Practices advertise in varying ways; via NHS jobs, CCG website, social media forums, nursing magazines

We are General Practice Nursing – General Practice Nursing Careers (

  1. Some practices may not currently advertise but will consider recruiting if the right applicant comes along. Therefore sending in your CV to a practice within the areas you consider working may prompt a practice to contact you
  2. Go onto the practice website. Find out about the practice including CQC report, practice staff, practice information
  3. Contact the practice in advance to find a little more about the culture of the practice, key people and arrange a practice visit
  4. Provide information about the Fundamentals of General Practice Nursing Course including content and funding – the practice may not know it exists
  5. Provide information (if recently qualified) about the Fellowships schemes offered – the practice may not know it exists
  6. In both cases of 8 & 9 Birmingham and Solihull CCG or Training Hub can provide information

  1. Arrange to shadow a GPN in your own time
  2. Read professional magazines related to the GPN role
  3. Read around and demonstrate your knowledge of the way General Practice is funded
  4. Develop and demonstrate knowledge around Primary Care Networks
  5. Ask potential employers about terms and conditions. Be mindful that not all terms and conditions align with NHS Agenda for Change.
  6. Ask about opportunities to develop and how you will be supported to develop
  7. Employers want a return on their investment. If they employ you, describe what you can bring to the role and how you can demonstrate loyalty to the practice
  8. Check out the following:

Transition to General Practice Nursing – The Queen’s Nursing Institute (

Head over to the Nursing Page on this website for more resources, hints and tips to assist your General Practice Nursing career journey