Here Are Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of frequently asked question but we are continually adding to this list to better serve our colleagues. If you can’t find what you are looking for here please get in contact with us.

Where can I access Safeguarding training?2024-02-22T19:46:30+00:00
  1. Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership: Multi-Agency Training -Birmingham Safeguarding Children Partnership (lscpbirmingham.org.uk)
  2. Birmingham Adult Safeguarding Board: Latest news | Birmingham Safeguarding Adults Board (bsab.org)
  3. Solihull Safeguarding Children Partnership: Home -Solihull Safeguarding Children Partnership (safeguardingsolihull.org.uk)
  4. Solihull Adult Safeguarding Board: Home -Solihull Safeguarding Adults Board (safeguardingsolihull.org.uk)

If you are based in primary care in Birmingham and Solihull,  the BSol ICB Safeguarding team delivers training – these sessions are all advertised in the weekly Primary Care newsletter. To receive this email the Communications team and ask to be added to their emailing list: communications.bsolicb@nhs.net 

Where do I find Practice Nurse Vacancies2024-02-20T22:06:08+00:00

If you are soon to qualify or already qualified, we would advise that you follow these links for any current vacancies:
GPN Jobs
Birmingham and Solihull Training Hub vacancy page
We would also encourage you to send your CV to practices that are local to the area that you would prefer to work in and make direct contact with practice managers and lead nurses where possible.

How can I gain experience within general practice before I apply for a job?2024-02-20T22:06:24+00:00

If you were unable to secure a practice placement within General Practice during your time as a student and/or would like to gain a more in depth understanding of the role we would encourage you to make personal contact, on an individual basis, with GP surgeries in your area to request a shadowing/observation opportunity with a Practice Nurse.

What is a Pharmacy Technician?2024-02-23T13:27:22+00:00

A Pharmacy Technician is a registered healthcare professional who works under the supervision of a Pharmacist.


What is the apprenticeship levy?2024-02-20T21:54:29+00:00

The apprenticeship levy is paid by organizations with a wage bill of over £3m per annum.  A 0.5% levy is taken by HMRC on a monthly basis and held in the digital apprenticeship service account.

This can only be spent on the funding for an approved apprenticeship standard. Many organisations are unable to fully spend their levy and can gift to non ley paying organisations to pay for their apprenticeship funding

Without this the government will fund 95% of the apprenticeship funding band for candidates aged 19+, for the nurse associate apprenticeship this is £750 per candidate

What is Clinical Supervision?2024-02-20T21:54:57+00:00

Supervision is a process of professional learning and development that enables individuals to reflect on and develop their knowledge, skills and competence, through regular support from another professional.

What is the Knowledge and Library Hub2024-02-20T21:55:23+00:00

Nationally funded, the Knowledge and Library Hub is a single gateway for NHS staff and offers an intuitive search experience for quick searches and options for in-depth searches

BSol Training Hub have a designated Knowledge and Library services specialist, who supports the free access to the most up to date trusted evidence and information in primary healthcare.

Take a look at the Hub- NHS Knowledge & Library Hub 

What does the Training Hub do?2024-02-20T21:55:57+00:00

We provide training/upskilling support to Primary and Social Care within Birmingham and Solihull, we also support workforce planning, recruitment, help provide student placements and apprenticeships, amongst many other functions. Click below to learn more…

Is the Training Hub part of the NHS?2024-02-20T21:56:45+00:00

Yes, we are funded through the Integrated Care Board and Health Education England.

What is an NB Plus subscription?2024-02-20T21:57:51+00:00

An NB Plus subscription is an online portal paid for an provided to you by Birmingham & Solihull Training Hub. It lasts for a year and gives you access to free online CPD courses. When you first sign up you will also receive a free book of your choice! Are you an allied health professional interested in this subscription? Get in contact via our main email address using the link below…


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