The BSol Fellowship is a two-year programme available to all newly-qualified GPs and nurses working general practice.

The benefits of the scheme are:
• Funded time to support attendance of the Fundamentals of General Practice Nursing course (HEE funded)
• Peer support and networking
• Mentorship
• Portfolio opportunities
• Leadership development
• Project design and implementation

Sharone Drayton was in cohort 1 of the fellowship programme and has a starring role in the following link, sharing her experience on the programme GPN Sharone Drayton

The financial aspects are:

Salary reimbursement:
• The reimbursement rate for up to one session per week (pro rata) is now based on the individual’s actual salary

• Related to salary reimbursement for the time attending Fellowship activities, an additional on-cost of 30% can now be reimbursed to the practice to support tax, NI and pension costs.

Please find the below example of the financial re-imbursement this could attract (based on 1.0 WTE AFC band 5 equivalent)

Please send completed registration forms to

For further information, please contact Jane Hubble, Senior Quality Clinician, Primary Care or Sharon Bradbury, Deputy Lead Nurse for Primary Care.


New to Practice Fellowship BSol – Nurse Enrol v1

BSol STP Early Career General Practice Fellowships template JD and person specification v.2

BSol General Practice Fellowships Guidance and Registration Form for Nurses 2021_22 v1 (3)