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Accessing Training

Accessing Training

Find out how to access training suitable to your role

Clinical Supervision

Supervision underpins good and safe patient care, enabling healthcare professionals to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities to practice safely and effectively. Supervision is also a regulatory requirement; the Care Quality Commission (CQC) expects primary care providers to assure the capability, scope of practice and competency of their staff. Click here to find out more about clinical supervision.

Hosting Students
Knowledge and Library Service

BSol Knowledge & Library Services (KLS) is here to support all Birmingham and Solihull colleagues in finding high quality, evidence-based information to support patient care, research and education.

Click the link to find out more

Professional Networks

Click here to find out more about the professional networks set up for many of the primary care roles.

Wellbeing Offer

Take a look at the health and wellbeing offer available

Work Experience

Click here to find out more about work experience.

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