The Training Hub has continued to support BSol’s Primary Care Pharmacists with our regular Pharmacy forum events during these new and challenging times. These events provide COVID-19 related updates, expert clinical learning sessions and networking opportunities to share good practice.

We have remained in close contact with BSol CCG and BSol LMC to ensure the pharmacy sectors are working synchronistically. At the same time, we are helping ensure that pharmacy staff are coping personally and professionally. As a result of this work, we have produced a resource booklet for Pharmacists to refer to.

We have two pre-registration pharmacists joining the Pharmacy Team in Primary Care in the coming months. They will be spending two days a week for a 52-week period.

Our facilitators are working to support PCN pharmacist recruitment and training across BSol. They’re collaborating with other providers to evolve the PCN pharmacist role.

In response to the new additional role of Pharmacy Technicians in PCN DES Contract 20/21, the Training Hub has been actively involved in aiding recruitment across BSol. We’re providing GPs and Clinical Directors with relevant information to begin their search.